As one of the largest steel producers in North America, Gerdau is proud to manufacture products that help build our nation, including the construction, automotive, agricultural and energy markets.

Our North American business divisions focus on long and special steel products such as rebar, beams and piling, merchant bar quality, and special bar quality. Since steel in the U.S. and Canada is produced cleaner and more efficiently than anywhere else in the world, we are one of the greenest choices available. We are also proud to stimulate the economy with a variety of well-paid manufacturing jobs.

PROUD to Boost the Economy

  • 6,200 people are employed by Gerdau in the U.S. and Canada.
  • For every one job in the North American steel industry, seven more jobs are supported in the economy, according to a study by Dr. Timothy Considine, an economics professor at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Gerdau manufacturing jobs start at an average of $50,000 plus benefits.
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PROUD to Be Green

  • Gerdau North America is one of the most energy efficient steel producers in the world.
  • 98%+ of Gerdau steel produced in North America comes from recycled content, making us one of the nation’s top three recyclers.
  • More steel is recycled each year than aluminum, paper, plastic and glass combined.
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PROUD to Be Socially Responsible

  • Our social responsibility program partners with organizations all over North America, such as Junior Achievement, United Way and Habitat for Humanity.
  • $550,000+ contributed in 2015 by Gerdau to nonprofit organizations nationally.
  • 300 social responsibility projects were participated in by Gerdau volunteers last year.
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Our steel supports innovation and sustainability across North America

Cooper River Bridge Ironically, recycled cars are a vital part of the steel used to build Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge.

Motorcycles More than 14,000 tons of Gerdau special steel is found in Harley-Davidson motorcycles and other beloved brands.

Boats Our special steel can be found in the engine parts of some of the world’s largest watercraft motor manufacturers.

Wind Turbines We’re a leader in manufacturing steel for the anchor bolts and foundations of wind turbines along the Columbia River.

Commercial Vehicles Scrap steel from old cars and trucks is transformed into axles and transmission gears for commercial vehicles.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport Gerdau steel was used to widen and lengthen the airport’s south runway, providing room for two parallel runways that accommodate additional flights.

AT&T Stadium The Dallas Cowboys 101,000-seat stadium with retractable roof was built with steel supplied by Gerdau.

Panorama Tower Gerdau is supplying approximately 24,000 tons of concrete reinforcing steel for Miami’s new Panorama Tower, which will be the tallest residential building south of New York upon completion in 2017.

Apple Complex Apple's futuristic, four-story circular building known as Campus 2 is taking shape thanks to Gerdau steel. The unique design creates as much energy as it uses and will run entirely on renewable energy from rooftop solar panels.

San Diego Library Recycled materials make up a large majority of the 6,650 tons of reinforcing steel in the library’s iconic steel dome.

Wilshire Grand We set a GUINESS WORLD RECORD® as part of the construction process for LA’s soon-to-be tallest skyscraper.

New NY Bridge We’re supplying around 32,000 tons of rebar for the replacement of the famous Tappan Zee Bridge, a dual-span twin bridge with eight traffic lanes, four emergency lanes and a dedicated commuter bus lane.

Georgia Aquarium Gerdau steel was used to build “the world’s largest fish tank” in the heart of Atlanta.

Freedom Tower Complex Around 9,000 tons of our rebar went into the Vehicle Security Center of New York’s Freedom Tower Complex.

Rogers Stadium Rogers Centre, home to the Toronto Blue Jays, was built with Gerdau steel.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Gerdau supplied steel to this iconic Florida bridge, connecting Manatee and Pinellas Counties.

Automobiles Gerdau steel is in the majority of cars and trucks you see on the road. Ford, Chevy and even luxury lines use our steel to ensure their engines run safely.

Multi-family Buildings 1 billion more people will move to cities and towns by 2030, living in residential buildings supported by steel.

Marlins Baseball Stadium Gerdau steel is present in the retractable roof at the 37,000-seat Marlins baseball stadium in Miami.

Homes A steel frame for a 2,000 square foot house can be produced from the material of about 4 recycled cars.

Nevada Solar Complex Gerdau steel beams hold up more than 1 million solar panels at the Copper Mountain Solar complex in Nevada.

Forklifts Approximately 100,000 forklifts are sold worldwide every year. Most of them with fork tines made of Gerdau steel.

Canadian Tundra Recycling Gerdau recycled 80 abandoned vehicles, 2,000 tires and 20 barrels of automotive fluid from the remote Canadian Tundra, improving the health and beauty of this fragile eco-system.