​​​​​​​​​What is EDI?​​​


​​ ​EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a service that dramatically improves your ease of doing business with Gerdau. Using EDI allows you to electronically exchange data with Gerdau, regardless of the computer software eitther organization is using. All of this happens automatically and behind the scenes, requiring little to no manual action.

What Are The Benefits of EDI?

Speed - Greatly reduce the time it takes to receive and input documents by cutting down on the manual entry required by your organization.

Accuracy - Without the need to manually key in every document as they arrive, there is much less risk of data entry error. You can feel confident that the information in your system is accurate and dependable.

Efficiency - By cutting down on manual entry and errors you will be able to increase the prcoessing speeds of related tasks and focus your efforts on more value added tasks; leading to improved efficiency and savings.

GG rEDI Transactions

EDI covers a variety of documents typically used in the daily business with you and Gerdau. Below is a list of EDI transactions Gerdau offers along with a brief description of how each transaction works. We have also included a copy of our current standards for your convenience!

Transaction ​DescriptionStandard PDF (Right-Click to Save)
​810 - Invoice
Sends and populates invoices into your system.
824 - Application Advice​Sends back a notification to the sender that an EDI transmission has been received.
850 - Purchase OrderSends and populates POs into Gerdau's system.
855 - Purchase Order AcknowledgementSends a confirmation to you when a PO is created or changed.​​
856 - Advanced Shipping NoticeSends and populates an advanced shipping notice when a shipment is created.
863 - Report of Test Results​Sends and populates mill test reports into your system.​​

​​Digital Brochure

​Download our digital brochure below! (Right-click to save)

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