Carrollton reaches 12 years without a lost time accident

CARROLLTON, TEXAS April 17, 2017 – Accidents happen: slipping on a wet floor, spilling hot coffee, tripping over a shoelace.

But at Carrollton Wire Products, employees have gone 12 years without a lost time accident, which means an injury has not caused an employee to miss work in over a decade.

Going just one year without a lost time accident is a highly regarded achievement in the steel industry. According to the Steel Manufacturers Association, there were 816 injury incidents in 2016 for major domestic steel producers.

“It’s about the employees on the floor being dedicated and committed to safety as a whole,” Wilbert Carter, plant manager, said. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”


Those goals are overseen by a safety committee, which engages Carrollton Wire Products’ 55 employees on a daily basis to practice the Take 10 policy.


“Take 10 policy gives employees the opportunity to identify and control major injury hazards for him or her and co-workers,” Carter, who has worked at Carrollton Wire Products for 29 years, said. “It guides employees to look at their surroundings before starting their jobs.”

The achievement was officially reached in December 2016 but celebrated by employees and leadership several weeks before Steel Safety Day, which is on Friday, April 28. Steel Safety Day is promoted by the World Steel Association. On this day, World Steel Association encourages steel producers to participate in a worldwide safety audit.

The five main causes of serious incidents are moving machinery, falling from height, falling objects, onsite traffic and process safety incidents, according to the association.

“Steel Safety Day is a superb opportunity to showcase our industry's commitment to the safety and health of the people working in our industry and to promote our goal of an incident-free workplace for all,” Nicholas Walters, World Steel Association’s director of communications and public policy, said.

Carrollton Wire Products started as the Southwest Wire Company more than 47 years ago. It fabricates 100% recycled steel rods into various end products, including shopping carts, grills, mattress coils and shelving.

“Carrollton Wire exhibits everything that a facility needs to be successful,” Brock Feldmann, safety regional manager for downstream operations, said. “From the operators performing the daily duties in the safest way possible and always looking for ways to improve to the leaders ensuring compliance at every step of the way, it is rewarding to know that all personnel is working together for the common goal: to safely produce for our customers. Twelve years is no small feat, but with continued emphasis at Carrollton Wire I can see many celebrations to come.”

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