​Communities in North America

Gerdau is dedicated to social responsibility and promotes social activities that contribute to improvements in the communities where we operate.

Leading this effort on a corporate level is a separate arm of the company called the Gerdau Institute. The Gerdau Institute proposes social responsibility policies and guidelines for Gerdau, helping instruct positive social activities.

Each of Gerdau's locations in North America have a social responsibility committee who organize volunteer activities and manage the location's social responsibility budget.

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[{"Titulo":"United Way","Descricao":"<p style=\"text-align: left;\">​<img class=\"ms-rtePosition-1\" style=\"margin: 5px; width: 304px;\" alt=\"\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/northamerica/en/environment-and-society/social-responsibility/communities-in-north-america/1_United%20Way_2-edited.jpg\"><img class=\"ms-rtePosition-2\" style=\"margin: 5px; width: 474px;\" alt=\"\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/northamerica/en/environment-and-society/social-responsibility/communities-in-north-america/1_United%20Way-edited.jpg\"></p> \n<hr style=\"height: 2px; color: rgb(255, 255, 255); clear: both;\"> \nMany of Gerdau’s locations in North America partner with the United Way to support their local communities. Participating employees donate a portion of their paychecks to the United Way and the company has a matching program to increase total contributions. Through this initiative, Gerdau and its generous employees have raised millions of dollars to support local communities.

The United Way is the largest privately-funded non-profit organization in the world, with more than 1,800 United Way branches in 41 countries and territories."},{"Titulo":"Habitat for Humanity","Descricao":"<p><img style=\"margin: 5px; width: 317px; height: 239px;\" alt=\"2_Habitat for Humanity-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/2_Habitat for Humanity-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"true\" setwidth=\"317\" setheight=\"239\"><img style=\"margin: 5px; width: 365px; height: 239px;\" alt=\"2_Habitat for Humanity_2-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/2_Habitat for Humanity_2-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"true\" setwidth=\"365\" setheight=\"239\"></p><p>A number of Gerdau's North American locations support Habitat for Humanity projects every year. Several of these locations include the Jackson, Michigan, and Tampa, Florida offices, Monroe and Jackson, Michigan special steel producing mills and St. Paul, Minnesota, Knoxville, Tennessee and Manitoba, Canada long steel producing mills, among others.

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976 and is the world leader in addressing the issues of poverty housing and developing the concept of \"partnership housing.\" The concept is centered on those in need of adequate shelter working side-by-side with volunteers to build simple, decent houses.

Over the last 10 years, Gerdau employees have helped build more than 30 homes throughout the United States and Canada. </p>"},{"Titulo":"Junior Achievement ","Descricao":"<p><img class=\"ms-rtePosition-3\" style=\"margin: 5px; width: 424px; height: 194px;\" alt=\"3_Junior Achievement-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/3_Junior Achievement-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"true\" setwidth=\"424\" setheight=\"194\"><span id=\"ms-rterangepaste-start\"></span><img class=\"ms-rtePosition-3\" style=\"margin: 5px; width: 255px; height: 193px;\" alt=\"3_Junior Achievement_2-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/3_Junior Achievement_2-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"true\" setwidth=\"255\" setheight=\"193\"><span id=\"ms-rterangepaste-end\"></span></p><p>Gerdau locations all across the world provide support to Junior Achievement, which is the world's largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

Through volunteering in classroom instruction, fundraising activities and serving in leadership positions in local Junior Achievement organizations, Gerdau and the company's employees continue to provide a positive influence on young people and support efforts in their education.</p>"},{"Titulo":"Manna House – Midlothian, TX","Descricao":"​<img style=\"margin: 5px; width: 362px; height: 275px;\" alt=\"4_Manna House-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/4_Manna House-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"true\" setwidth=\"362\" setheight=\"275\"><img style=\"margin: 5px; width: 418px;\" alt=\"4_Manna House_2-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/4_Manna House_2-edited.jpg\" hasheight=\"false\" setwidth=\"418\" setheight=\"275\">

Employees at the Gerdau steel mill in Midlothian, Texas collected more than 5,000 pounds of non-perishable food items during the holidays to benefit Manna House, a non-profit organization that has a food pantry and other services for those in need.

\"Social responsibility is a core value of our company and I am proud of our employees' level of engagement,\" said Greg Bott , vice president and general manager of the Gerdau mill in Midlothian. \"Through this campaign, we are able to make the holidays brighter for those in our community.\"

In addition to collecting non-perishable food items, the company also collected new, unwrapped toys to be distributed at Manna House. More than 350 toys were provided, including 10 tricycles that were built by Gerdau employees.

The Gerdau Holiday Campaign is a social responsibility initiative that is geared to brighten the holidays for the communities surrounding Gerdau locations in 14 countries. More than 25 of the company's North American locations participate in the Holiday Campaign with new locations being added to the program annually.

Gerdau believes in sustainable development and that the growth of a company is directly related to its respect for the community and the environment. The five pillars of Gerdau's social responsibility program are community, health and wellness, education, history and culture, and affordable housing. "},{"Titulo":"AWARE, Inc. – Jackson, MI","Descricao":"<p style=\"text-align: center;\"><img style=\"margin: 5px; width: 700px; height: 402px;\" alt=\"5_Aware Inc-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/Pages/communities-in-north-america/5_Aware%20Inc-edited.jpg\"> </p><p>The staff and management of Gerdau's special steel mill in Jackson, Michigan have contributed funds, time and energy to help improve the quality of life within the community through their work with a local organization seeking to break the cycle of domestic violence.AWARE, Inc. strives to eliminate domestic and sexual violence while promoting social change and empowering survivors by offering shelter and services.

In July 2014, representatives from the Jackson mill, along with dignitaries from the city of Jackson dedicated a picnic table honoring AWARE, Inc. at a city park. The table was donated by Gerdau and placed in the park to help raise awareness for the organization. The table was purchased by Gerdau at AWARE's annual fundraising event, \"Lights, Camera, Auction!\" in late 2013.

These donations are part of an ongoing partnership between Gerdau and AWARE, with the shared goal of helping to stop violence in the community.</p>"},{"Titulo":"Tundra Take-Back – Whitby, Canada","Descricao":"<p>​<img style=\"margin: 5px;\" alt=\"6_Tundra Take-Back-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/northamerica/en/environment-and-society/social-responsibility/communities-in-north-america/6_Tundra Take-Back-edited.jpg\" setHeight=\"436\" setWidth=\"855\" hasHeight=\"false\"></p><p>The Gerdau mill in Whitby, Ontario has created a successful partnership with Summerhill Impact and other organizations to help transport and recycle end-of-life vehicles from Canada's most Northern region as part of the company's long-standing initiatives of environmental responsibility.

The Tundra Take-Back project is designed to de-pollute and recycle metal-based waste found throughout Canada's Northern region. Unmanaged, the materials left in the area can release pollutants into the land and water, affecting the eco-system and human health.

\"The Tundra Take-Back project is an exciting project to be involved with, as it's mutually beneficial for those living in that area and for Gerdau,\" said Bob Downie, a regional environmental manager for Gerdau. \"It encourages environmentally sustainable recycling practices in Canada's northern regions, and provides scrap metal for our company to recycle and transform into new steel products.\"

Vehicles brought to Gerdau for recycling have come from the Nunavut community Arviat. To prepare for the recycling process, they were decommissioned, involving the removal of large amounts of fuel, mercury, batteries, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, tires and other ozone depleting refrigerants.

\"Though Gerdau usually sources recycled scrap metal within a 200-mile radius of our steel mills, this project was a great opportunity to contribute to clean-up in the North. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this important initiative, and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability,\" Downie said.

The Tundra Take-Back project will result in the development of a community-led model for ongoing waste management in Canada's Northern region. This environmental initiative will not only help to protect the area's water quality, but will improve local capacity for ongoing pollution prevention.</p>"},{"Titulo":"Friendly Home – Jackson, MI","Descricao":"<p style=\"text-align: center;\"><img style=\"margin: 5px;\" alt=\"7_Jackson Friendly Home-edited.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/northamerica/en/environment-and-society/social-responsibility/communities-in-north-america/7_Jackson Friendly Home-edited.jpg\" setHeight=\"567\" setWidth=\"850\" hasHeight=\"false\"></p><p>The team at the Gerdau special steel mill in Jackson, Michigan makes a resolute effort to build meaningful relationships with their community neighbors, evidenced by the location's continual support of the Jackson Friendly Home.

The Jackson Friendly Home offers assisted independent living options and daily support services to women over sixty years of age.

Over the last few years, Gerdau employees have hosted a number of special lunches for the women living at the home in celebration of holidays including Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, among others. In addition to helping serve lunch, employees often donate handwritten notes to the women, many of whom do not have nearby family members.

The Jackson Friendly Home serves roughly 130,000 meals per year and was recently in desperate need of new commercial-grade kitchen equipment. Gerdau's social responsibility committee donated approximately $3,500 so the non-profit organization could upgrade its kitchen equipment</p>"},{"Titulo":"Highway Clean-up – Rancho, CA","Descricao":"<p><img style=\"margin: 5px;\" alt=\"8_Highway Cleanup-edited-cropped.jpg\" src=\"/northamerica/en/environmentandsociety/PublishingImages/northamerica/en/environment-and-society/social-responsibility/communities-in-north-america/8_Highway Cleanup-edited-cropped.jpg\" setHeight=\"460\" setWidth=\"850\" hasHeight=\"false\"></p><div style=\"text-align: left;\">Employees at our long steel mill in Rancho Cucamonga, California, actively participate in the California Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway program. Employees collect anywhere from 500-1,000 pounds of trash along the I-15 Freeway on-ramps at Foothill Blvd., where a large number of the mill’s employees, contractors and truck drivers enter and exit Rancho Cucamonga daily.</div><div style=\"text-align: left;\"> </div><div style=\"text-align: left;\">The clean-up will continue monthly as part of the mill’s social responsibility program.</div>"}]