​Environmental Projects

Burundi Garden

Burundi Garden_Primary-edited.jpgWhen the community of Knoxville, Tennessee opened its arms to refugees from the small African nation of Burundi, it offered more than safety from the extreme poverty of their former homeland. The community offered land for farming.

On land provided within the green space of the Gerdau Knoxville steel mill, these refugees are able to grow fresh vegetables, putting food on their own table by their own efforts.

The Gerdau mill worked with a group called Sodela, a Burundian refugee group, and another community organization, El Puente, to help these people enjoy the dignity of self-reliance, as well as bring a piece of their own culinary culture to their new home.

Begun in 2010, the farming project has provided produce for many of the nearly 250 Burundian refugees in the Greater Knoxville area.