Gerdau steel is used in the 2014 World Cup stadiums

Press release

Gerdau steel is being used for building and refurbishing all 12 of the stadiums that will host the 2014 World
Cup in Brazil. The consumption of material for the building projects has already reached almost 50% of what
was planned. Some of the products that the company is providing for the stadiums are rebars, structural
shapes, mesh, truss frames, nails, wire, and fabricated rebar.
The fabricated reinforcing steel system increases agility and reduces costs by providing a productivity gain of
up to 70% in the production process of structures and up to 15% reductions in spending on steel products
and eliminating waste, which increases the construction speed. Gerdau is a pioneer in developing industrial
solutions for the civil construction sector in Brazil.

About Gerdau
Gerdau is a leading producer of long steel in the Americas and one of the largest suppliers of special steel in the world. With over 45,000 employees, it has industrial operations in 14 countries - in the Americas, Europe and Asia - which together represent an installed capacity of over 25 million metric tons of steel per year. It is the largest recycler in Latin America and around the world it transforms, each year, millions of metric tons of scrap into steel, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development in the regions where it operates. With more than 140,000 shareholders, the Company is listed on the stock exchanges of São Paulo, New York and Madrid

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