Gerdau Group records US$ 10,9 billion in gross revenues in 2005

Revenue from international units added to exports from Brazil represented 61% of the Group’s consolidated revenues last year

Globalization boosted the Gerdau Group’s gross revenues in 2005. The consolidation of North Star Steel in the United States, Diaco in Colombia, and Sipar in Argentina, together with an increase in revenues from the domestic market translated into gross revenues of US$ 10.9 billion in fiscal year 2005 -- an 23.5% increase in comparison to 2004. “The consolidation of global operations underscores the international focus of the Gerdau Group, which accounts for the growth in gross revenues recorded in 2005. We plan to continue our international expansion strategy over the coming years,” said senior vice president Frederico Gerdau Johannpeter. In the Brazilian market, 3.5 million metric tons of steel products were sold in 2005, the equivalent to US$ 4,3 billion in gross revenues -- 22.9% more than last year. Steel exports from Brazil in 2005 reached 2.8 million metric tons and translated into US$ 1,4 billion in revenues. In North America, sales increased 18.7%, reaching 6.4 million metric tons. As a result, the revenues from North American facilities reached US$ 4,6 billion, 30.0% more than in 2004. In Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, the sales volume reached 802 thousand metric tons, a growth of 54.1% in relation to 2004. A 57,6% growth in revenues to US$ 617,6 million was also recorded. In 2005, the Group’s consolidated net profit was US$ 1,4 billion, 10.9 more than recorded in 2004.
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