Gerdau Collects Iron Scrap from Robinson Crusoe Island

Press release

Gerdau AZA, Gerdau's operation in Chile, participated in gathering 14.4 metric tons of iron scrap deposited on Robinson Crusoe Island, the largest of the Juan Fernandez archipelago located 600 kilometers off the coast of Chile. The action was carried out in partnership with Chile's Island Tourism Council and is contributing to the location's environmental preservation, which aims to become the first 100% sustainable tourist destination in the world. The archipelago was declared a National Park in 1935 and a World Biosphere Reserve in 1977 for its biological importance.

About Gerdau
Gerdau is the leading producer of long steel in the Americas and one of the largest suppliers of special long steel in the world. It has more than 45,000 employees and industrial operations in 14 countries with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, which together represent an installed capacity of more than 25 million metric tons of steel per year. Gerdau is the largest recycler in Latin America and around the world and transforms millions of metric tons of scrap into steel every year. Gerdau is listed on the stock exchanges of São Paulo, New York and Madrid, and has approximately 140,000 shareholders.
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