​​Gerdau Volunteer Program

We believe that social transformation begins at home. Therefore, the Gerdau Volunteer Program (GVP) encourages our employees to exercise their citizenship through volunteering work on projects supported by us. Our volunteers work in several organizations, sharing their knowledge to tackle issues such as management and entrepreneurship, therefore, encouraging education, culture, sports and solidarity.

These actions benefit both the communities and the volunteers themselves once they discover new skills and competences, for example, the commitment to social transformation. Also, they feel pleased to know that it is possible to make a better world with small actions. The GVP coordination teams are present at all locations where our company op​erates and they are responsible for raising awareness, organizing and recognizing employees’ volunteering actions.

Gerdau Volunteer Program Principles:

• People as the basis for sustainable development of communities;
• Knowledge transfer through volunteering work;
• Solidarity attitude;
• Volunteering work as an exercise of citizenship and improvement of social capital.

Volunteers in action

Valuing our employee’s volunteer work is a way to recognize their dedication and talent, and one of the most effective ways to multiply and perpetuate the spirit of volunteerism within our company. Moreover, it is a way to engage and mobilize those who do not yet participate, encouraging them to practice volunteering work. In order to attract more employees our company organizes social competitions. This is just one example of how to mobilize everyone to engage in volunteering.​​

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