For us, recycling is not just an initiative of environmental protection, but it is also part of its business strategy. Every year, we transform more than 14 million metric tons of steel scrap into new steel present in the everyday lives of millions of people in many ways.

The use of steel scrap as raw material in our productive process reduces the consumption of energy in the steel process and consequently, it minimizes emissions of CO2. Moreover, we generate jobs for thousands of people through an extensive chain of scrap collection and processing for recycling. We also contribute to the preservation of the environment and reducing the amount of material deposited in landfills and inappropriate sites.


Did you know that steel is an endlessly recyclable material? Most of the scrapre cycled by our company comes from materials that are no longer used by the community, such as stoves, refrigerators, and old cars. Also, we recycle the steel resulting from the production process of industries such as automotive, packaging and appliances. This material is recycled into new steel products, which are present in the everyday lives of millions of people.


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