We continually invest in nature protection technologies and deal with potential impacts of our process on the en​vironment. One of the ways to enhance the search for sustainable solutions for our activities, we have invested in modern air dust removal systems and reuse about 97% of the water used in the steel production process. Check out the links below.

We invest millions of dollars annually in research and technology to minimize the emission of particles and CO2 into the atmosphere. Our mills have modern and highly efficient dust removal systems that capture particles generated in the steel production process. The filtered material is a by-product that can be used in other sectors of the economy.

Also, we continuously seek to introduce improvements to decrease CO2 generation. They include: replacement of oil with natural gas in the reheating furnaces, development of projects focusing on energy efficiency, ongoing updating of technology and use of scrap as the major raw material. 

Our activities are guided by responsibility and sustainability. 
The way we streamline the use of water - a fundamental and increasingly scarce natural resource - illustrates our approach towards water.

During steel production, water is used to cool the equipment and products. It is a closed loop process that allows water to be treated and reused, substantially reducing consumption. Through new technologies and awareness-raising, water intake by our mills is decreasing year after
year. Today the Company reuses almost 97% of its industrial process water.