​​​By-products are materials that result from the steel production process and and are used as sustainable raw materials for the construction, cement and ceramic industries. These materials are used, for example, on roads, pavements, railway ballast, foundries, in the production of ferroalloys, among their other applications. In addition, they cut costs from 30% to 50% over traditional materials and reduce the consumption of natural resources and the emission of carbon dioxide.

In order to use the by-products generated during the steel production, we have developed ​​research partnerships with universities, research institutions, and industries, as well as making internal improvements in the processing of by-products to facilitate recycling. Learn about some of our by-products:

[{"Titulo":"Siderurgical Aggregate","Descricao":"<div>​This by-product is generated during the steel production in the meltshops. It plays an important role because it controls steel quality and process. It is</div><div>mainly composed by: calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, phosphorus and sulfur oxide. Main applications: after it is processed, it is used for paving, drainage, rip-rap and gabions construction, production of concrete artifacts and asphalt mixtures and material that will be sent back to the melt shop.</div>"},{"Titulo":"Blast Furnace Grained","Descricao":"​It is a by-product generated in the production of pig iron in blast furnaces, formed from the ore gangue, reducer ash and slag-forming agent. It is mainly composed of: calcium, silicon, aluminum, magnesium oxide. <div>
</div><div>Main application: in cement production.</div>"},{"Titulo":"Mill Scale","Descricao":"<div>​Scale results from the oxidation of the steel surface when in contact with air. It is generated in casting, forging, hot and cold rolling processes. It consists predominantly of metal oxides present in the steel composition with an absolute predominance of iron oxide. </div><div>
</div><div>Main applications: raw material for sintering, cement manufacturing, production of concrete artifacts and ferroalloys. The larger fractions are used as the metal loading enrichment for pig iron and steel furnaces.</div>"},{"Titulo":"Coal and Coke Fines","Descricao":"<div>These materials result from the handling and sifting of coal and coke. They are small particles.</div><div>
</div><div>Main applications: as fuel to be reused in the steel industry or other industries.​</div>"},{"Titulo":"Iron Ore Fines","Descricao":"<div>It is a material resulting from handling and sifting of iron ore. They are fine particles of iron oxides.</div><div>
</div><div>Main applications: raw material for sintering and <span id=\"ms-rterangepaste-start\"></span>cement production</div><div><span id=\"ms-rterangepaste-end\"></span></div>"}]